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The game of cricket is perhaps the ultimate test of hand-eye co-ordination. Not the most obvious activity for the visually impaired, but the game of blind cricket is a much loved and a highly competitive activity across the world.

The game of V.I cricket only has a handful of adaptations in comparison to the mainstream sport. There are four totally blind players in a team and 7 partially sighted individuals, to make 11, which is the same as normal cricket. Each player is given a classification based on their level of sight, ranging from ‘B1’ to ‘B4’. A B1 player is totally blind and as the numbers go up the players sight increases, so a B4 player would have the strongest sight in a team.

The ball that is used is a size 3 football that has bells inside it so that the totally blind players can hear the ball and the partially sighted players can see it because it is bigger. When a B1 is bowling the wicket-keeper claps at either off or middle stump so the player can gage the direction in which they need to throw the ball. If a B1 is batting then the ball would have to bounce twice before it reaches the batsmen otherwise it would be classed as a no ball.

A B1 batsmen would also get a runner and their runs are always doubled. Lastly, when it comes to fielding all the B1 players can catch the ball off one bounce which would be classed as out. Besides these adaptations all the same rules apply as to normal cricket.

The club have achieved so much in such a short space of time since being founded in 2011. The club continue to dominate the Regional Development League and in 2015 were runners up in both the National League and Twenty20 Finals Day. See Club and Player Achievements for full details.

The cricket season runs April - September. The club have a team for both the Regional Development League and the National League. For more details on the league visit
The team hold weekly indoor and outdoor training sessions in Manchester. Contact the club or check out our Facebook page for updates.

First Team Captain 2019:
Sheraz Chohan
07581 351 786
[email protected]
Development Team Captain 2019:
Abu-Bakr Ishtiaq
07747 051 442
[email protected]

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Lancashire Lions Visually Impaired Cricket Club is a pioneering and multi-cultural organisation creating sporting and social opportunities for both males and females who have a visual impairment.

For further information do not hesitate to call Sheraz Chohan, Club Secretary on 07581351786 or email him on [email protected]



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